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Want some tips? With a decade of university instruction in social media, corporate communications, and content marketing, we’ll train you and your team on how they can bring your brand story to life.


Great, you have a content and/or social media plan. Now what? We know the real work means putting it into place, creating dynamic vibrant content, as well as tracking, measuring and learning from successes.



We’ll build a plan to identify and surpass targets that help you reach your business and communication objectives - keeping your target audience at the centre of everything.


Maybe you just need a few pieces here and there. No problem! We craft everything from social content to press releases, video, web assets, marketing and sales collaterals - anything your audience will see, we create.


Those who tell the stories rule the world. We’re here to help you make an impact and exceed your goals.

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The sweetest, most-overlooked social media relationship: the one you have with your employees

Your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors. They are the pulse of your organization.

So why aren't you including them in your social media plans?  

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Don't drink and tweet: On being more conscious about social media posts

“I’m really upset by these trucker protests in Ottawa and I badly want to say something on social media,” said a friend of mine who works in communications.

Don’t, I advised. Talk about it with me, with friends and family, but don’t ‘go social’ about it.

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5 winning Ozark storytelling elements you should use in your content

Confession: I crush every season of Ozark like a bag of Doritos. This tale of a seemingly-average Chicago family of four laundering money for Mexico’s biggest drug cartels isn’t great only because of the fantastic acting.

Ozark’s writers have tapped into five key storytelling elements that make content great. Keep these in mind and your content will captivate your audience too.

Melanie Coulson

Storyteller in Chief

Mel has been telling stories since she was about three years old. After 16 years as an award-winning journalist, she moved into creating content with a purpose. For her, the audience is everything.

Good content drives connection, and whether it's B2B or B2C, Mel believes stories should be H2H. (heart to heart). She has led content teams in marketing and corporate communications, telling stories to drive engagement and acquisition with a variety of audiences on multiple channels (blogs, social media, video, podcasts, live events, chats).

Strategy is key to creating a successful framework - but without solid execution, you've built a stunning mansion in the forest without a driveway to get to it. Mel lives for the sweet moment of executing and implementing a strategy successfully.

She believes passionately in brands owning their stories, and woo'ing their audiences.



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