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We’re about taking that leap forward, pushing boundaries, going beyond expectations. With more than 20 years of digital media experience, we know what it means to captivate, engage, and surprise your audience.

BigStride’s primary services include content and messaging strategy, social media planning and support, in-house training, website design, and online business development.We will tell your story, with your message in a way that sparks conversation.



D'Arcy Coulson

Director and Content Lead Strategist

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D'Arcy Coulson

Director & Lead Strategist

D’Arcy’s focus over the past 20 years has been to become a content expert in the digital media field. This has meant leading digital initiatives while working with Canadian broadcasters and online/mobile media companies such as the, and most recently, Canopy Growth Corporation.

These experiences have enabled me to lead, market, manage and innovate through new trends and technologies to companies so that they can effectively produce and manage their digital and social content.

He brings a unique set of digital media leadership, production and development skills with him to every project. Connect with D’Arcy on Linkedin.